Gamers? Learners! Real-Time Design Games to Change the Game

I am sharing one of my latest design games that I developed and applied in my undergraduate architecture studios. Although the game has been updated many times to reach a level of relative maturity, I still see it more as a prototype rather than a polished product. The game adequately demonstrates the power of pre-design visualization: the provision of an informative and interactive 3D design environments for students to make design decisions with the aid of instanenous visual feedbacks about the human perceptual, behavioral, and environmental implications of their formal schemes.

Accenting effective and intuitive decision-making in the early stage of design, design games represent a media tool essentially different from most commercial design programs. In a sense, design games are truly computer-aided design tools instead of instruments of computer-aided drafting.

It is worth noting that the functionality and graphics of this game only reflect a very small portion of the overall capacity of Unreal Engine. There are still a lot of contents (especially procedural objects and animations) for me to integrate in my future projects.

HousingStudyGame download link:  (size: 697 MB)

YouTube introduction video:

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