New Features of Fission

Fission, the 3D interactive game for massing studies has undergone some significant evolution since this spring. Major enhancements of the new 1.20 release include:

  1. Multi-Activation mode (Press F6 to toggle): You can now activate multiple modules and adapt their dimensions, forms, or materials all together.
  2. Save and load packages of modules (Press P and L when multi-activation mode is on): You can save and load up to 3 different selections (i.e. packages) of multiple modules. Modules in saved packages do need to be mutually exclusive.
  3. Enhanced module building functionality: You can modify a module in construction before it is placed. There are also options of consecutive building and building the past module design.
  4. Improved module building experience: A module in construction can automatically adjust its distance to the human or drone avatar according to its dimensions, providing better modeling experience. Also, there is no unwanted interaction between the human avatar and the module in construction due to any contingent overlapping of the two.
  5. Better graphics of module activation with hologram effect to reveal activated module(s) that are placed behind other modules.
  6. Better user interface design for Geo/Mat Side Panel with enlarged previews to indicate the material in use.
  7. Added functionality to display essential design stats including total gross floor area, max height, and total footprint.
  8. Added functionality to merge two design saves into one design using the save/load menu
  9. Added functionality to modify Depth of Field (DOF) intensity for the human avatar
  10. Added functionality to modify latitude, longitude, and time zone settings for supporting design studies in any locations.
  11. Improved copy and paste functionality. You can now simply trace a module and copy its design. Copying and pasting a module design have been changed to Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to match the norm.
  12. Improved graphics for color and grayscale depth maps

There are also some changes in keyboard inputs, for example, keyboard input for changing module pivot location is now R instead of V. You can refer to the pause menu or on-screen menus for updated inputs information.

I am planning on a few new features to develop in the coming months:

  1. Customizable module materials and geometries
  2. Package Panel (P): A user interface widget to manage saving and loading of multiple packages
  3. Alignment Panel (N): A user interface widget for having multiple activated modules to be aligned by the X-, Y-, or Z-coordinate of their pivot points.
  4. Email function: Sending a text message and an optional screenshot attachment to anyone by Email.
  5. Multi-player network gaming capability

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