Project Fission is Moving Ahead Steadily

In the previously announced development roadmap of Fission, I listed 21 objectives to accomplish. Up to now, five have been attained and four more are partially actualized to varied extents. The chart below showcases the current progress.

Project Fission Progress (Updated on 4/30/2021)

Besides following the roadmap, I am also exploring and adding new capabilities to Fission. In the latest 1.50 release of Fission, I added three unique features: Multi-Axis Scaling, Module Slicing, and Module Sliding. Multi-Axis Scaling allows users to scale a module in more than one axis by pressing and holding multiple keys (1=Z direction, 2=X direction, 3=Y direction) while using the mouse scroll wheel to scale a module.

New Feature: Multi-Axis Scaling

Module Slicing conveniently splits a massing module in X, Y, or Z direction with a floating information box indicating the splitting position. It streamlines a very frequent modeling action that would take several steps to complete in Rhino or Revit. When using Module Slicing, the user may press 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard to select slicing direction, and then direct the human or drone avatar to “look at” the position where the module should be sliced. If the avatar is not oriented toward the module, the module is about to be sliced in half.

New Feature: Module Slicing

Module Sliding moves opposing faces on two separate modules simultaneously so that the user can change the dimensions of two modules along the same axis while maintaining their spatial relationship (e.g. attached or detached). This feature is comparable to the MoveFace command in Rhino but the user does not need to select any faces and Fission automatically detects the axis along with faces will be moved. A floating information box displays the relative location of moved faces. Module Sliding also automatically locks the maximum range of face move. The user cannot slide the module faces to the point where the volume of a module reduces to zero or even negative.

New Feature: Module Sliding in Z Direction
New Feature: Module Sliding in X Direction
New Feature: Module Sliding with Detached Modules

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